Gidget Bates's Crap She Shoots

” So I’ll always know where it is.”

In the film “Harold and Maude” Harold’s uncle takes him to the ruins of the old Sutro bath houses. Now I take you there. In my younger years I used to sit there for hours. shoot pictures at night and play hide and go seek. In the 89 quake a lot of the ruins were ruined per say and no longer safe… It was the first time i had seen barriers go up. Now when you walk around  you do so carefully as the ruins decay a little more over time. I’m just glad it it still there.

My middle child Jack did not want to go down there.. Maia loved it as she has been a couple of times now. Dyl has been once before and loves the caves. He also had to pee and there was no bathroom available and would not pee in the cave as others have.. myself included in my youth. oops.

I asked if he would he said NEVER!

We showed Walter around as Walter had been going on visits with us the last couple days.

He’s a movie star and he loves the treatment.

Google Harold and Maude.. Google the Sutros.. most of all enjoy.

My past is your future.

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