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Getting your kicks with my pics on 66, part 2

There are times when sometimes your shots suck..But you watch the others and get enjoyment from what they are doing. Up to this point in the trip I was dissatisfied with my angles etc. The cloud porn bit.. I was too freaking hot to care etc!

But as we pulled up to the grain elevator in Odell.. the most southern thing we planned on shooting we saw a small Winnebago on the side of the road. Three of us in the car immediately looked for Walter White. It seriously changed the pace. I saw the excitement of my minions. I watched them as i saw the grain elevator for the first time. They had the enthusiasm as I did almost two years ago for my birthday.

I remembered why this particular spot made me smile.. It’s location.. It’s wide blue sky.. and it ability to look different in every shot.

But most of all their faces..All new all fresh. and then I got better shots.

But the best was still yet to come!


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