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A barn by any other name

I had wanted to shoot a barn that was falling down 2 summers ago. Last year a storm took most of it down.. There it lay. In between storm times today I grabbed Maia and went out to shoot it where it lay before there rest falls down. I had wanted to venture more into it but pieces were falling off in the wind as we walked. It was best to use the 55-300 lens at a safe spot and only creep somewhat close. Maia did however find a car buried and will get me the pic she took of that. There was neighbors watching us so this is what we got in the few minutes we snuck on the lot. I consider this archiving and not trespassing. For by the end of this season this will be a memory. So many spots like this fall every year and all you have is a visual memory of it all. Do not be sad by the decay you see. Enjoy it and learn from it. Nature makes it’s own landscape and museum when you just look around you. All of these are raw and unedited.


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